T1 parts ways with coach Comet and analyst Tolki

T1 has yet to announce changing players.

Image via T1

The League of Legends powerhouse T1 has said goodbye to coach Lim “Comet” Hye-sung and French head of strategy and analytics Gary “Tolki” Mialaret, the team announced last night.

Whereas Tolki revealed his free agency for the 2021 season, Comet has yet to unveil his plans after parting ways with the team.

After a strong performance in the 2020 LCK Spring Split where T1 grabbed the regional title, the team had disappointing results in the Mid-Season Cup and LCK Summer Playoffs, where they finished fifth.

T1 concluded the season by missing the last spot in the 2020 World Championship after a 3-0 loss against Gen.G in the regional finals.

After the end of their competitive year, T1 began to rebuild their roster ahead of the 2021 season when head coach Kim Jeong-Soo resigned last September. He had joined the team one year before.

Many fans of the SKT T1 domination era expect coach KkOma to come back to the team. He announced leaving Vici Gaming only 10 months after joining them and returning to South Korea. KkOma has yet to reveal where he’ll be headed for the 2021 season, however.

While no change has yet to be revealed among the players, three spots in the coaching staff are now vacant.