Sett unleashes over 2,000 damage onto enemies with a single ability

Dunking them like a boss.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, there are a number of champions that scale incredibly well into the late game. The more items they get under their belt, the higher their potential is. Usually, players competing against champs like this aim to end the game as soon as possible to deny them from wreaking havoc.

But in some matches, champs like this get to showcase their enormous damage. In a recent clip posted on Reddit, a player displayed the true potential of late game Sett, dealing over 2,000 points of damage with a single ability.

In the clip, the game was reaching near its end with Sett’s team heading toward the enemy Nexus. Three players from the enemy team, who were actually ahead in gold at that point in the game, tried their best to stop the Boss from ending the game. But everyone who has faced Sett knows the damage he can do with his Haymaker (W) in the late game.

The three players lined up perfectly after Sett carried Hecarim through the air with his ultimate. Despite being low on health, the champion unleashed his Haymaker, gaining a massive shield that helped him survive the damage. All three opponents ended up being in the center of Sett’s ability, meaning that he could deal true damage to them. In seconds, he dealt 2,165 damage, installing killing Twitch and Fiora, and leaving Hecarim with almost no health at all.

While it’s satisfying to watch clip like this, it’s incredibly hard to pull off a perfect late-game Sett combo. The champion doesn’t have a high win rate in solo queue at the moment, with only 49.75 percent in the top lane, according to U.GG.