Rumble and Lee Sin to be nerfed, Aphelios and Xayah buffed in League Patch 11.13

Time to say goodbye to some oppressive familiar faces.

Lee Sin default League of Legends splash art.
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After a rather small patch in terms of champion balance, League of Legends Patch 11.13 will finally take down some of the most oppressive champions that have been dominating the Rift—particularly in roles that the champions weren’t originally intended for.

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, League’s gameplay design director, revealed today that only a few champions are planned to be tuned in the upcoming Patch 11.13. But these specific champions have been doing too well (or not well enough) in their respective roles.

Unsurprisingly, Rumble and Lee Sin are finally receiving nerfs after taking complete control of solo queue and professional play for the past few patches. While the nerfs have yet to be specified, Lee Sin will likely be pushed heavily away from the solo lane pressure he provides through his innate life steal and massive amounts of damage issued through his abilities—not to mention his strong mobility for a solo laner. Rumble, who’s been causing quite a stir in the jungle, might be seeing that bonus damage against jungle monsters that’s allowed him to clear camps with ease get nerfed or have his damage nerfed across his abilities in general to prevent him from leaving the jungle entirely. Riven is also being nerfed following her 52.1-percent win rate in Patch 11.12, though other top laners won’t be joining her on the nerf list.

ADC players, rejoice. Soon the role’s champion pool will be made much larger than Kai’Sa and Ezreal with planned buffs for Aphelios and Xayah. Their upcoming buffs are likely in part due to the system nerfs for Divine Sunderer, which has made a new home in the bot lane as of late. These champions rely more heavily on marksman Mythic items like Galeforce and Kraken Slayer, and buffs to the damage they do with their abilities will likely coincide with these items resurging in the ADC meta.

In the jungle, everyone’s favorite Goredrinker abuser Olaf is planned to receive buffs. Buffs to the newly reworked Dr. Mundo are also scheduled. Riot plans to direct these buffs into his jungle presence and away from his top lane strengths. The patch preview also mentions that Riot is attempting to move the Ruined King, Viego, away from solo lanes and back into the jungle where he was intended, so it’s likely that his damage against monsters will be increased in some capacity.

In addition, Patch 11.13 marks the release of the slightly reworked Tahm Kench. For this update, Tahm Kench’s W and R are being switched, with each taking on new effects to better suit their placement in his kit. These changes were teased last year and have only become more of a priority for Riot as Tahm Kench has flourished alongside Senna in the infamous “fasting Senna” bot lane combo.

These changes specified in the Patch 11.13 preview are tentative and subject to be altered prior to their release on the live servers. League Patch 11.13 is expected to go live on June 23.

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