Rogue claim sole possession of first place in 2021 LEC Summer Split with week 5 win over Misfits

Rogue swept the regular season series with Misfits, winning all four of their matchups.

Photo via Riot Games

When Misfits and Rogue were both contenders for first place in the LEC at the time of their first Summer Split matchup three weeks ago, early split growing pains were probably to blame for a relatively unfamiliar matchup between two “top teams.” But now that the league has had plenty of time to stabilize, it’s obvious that Rogue and Misfits are two of the stronger teams the LEC has to offer this summer.

The two League of Legends teams met for a second time this split today and Rogue came out on top once again, claiming sole possession of first place for themselves. 

For a moment, it looked like Misfits might be able to turn things around in the mid game. But once Rogue found a way to neutralize Vetheo’s signature pick, Zoe, the LEC runners-up made quick work of the young mid laner and his teammates. 

By the time Rogue destroyed Misfits’ Nexus 37 minutes into the game, the gold differential had blossomed to well over 9,000. That was largely because of Rogue’s top-side duo of Odoamne and Inspired. The two veterans combined for a total scoreline of 9/2/17 across the match, with each player participating in 13 of Rogue’s 18 kills. 

Additionally, the team’s AD carry, Hans sama, stepped out of his comfort zone in today’s game, picking an ability power carry in Ziggs—marking the first occasion in over a year in which he played an AP champion on stage. 

Today’s loss for Misfits drops the team down into second place, where the surging Fnatic—who own an identical record of 7-3—welcomed the team into a tie. Seven wins against the rest of the LEC is definitely nothing to turn away from, but the fact of the matter is that if Misfits want to find success in the postseason, they’ll need to start finding ways to beat the teams that have been at the top of the league throughout the majority of the year. In their games against the top two teams from the Spring Split, Rogue and MAD Lions, Misfits have come up empty. 

Misfits and Rogue will close out week five of the Summer Split against a pair of fifth-place teams. Misfits are slated to face Astralis, while Rogue will close out the week with a match against a struggling G2 Esports squad.

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