Rogue hand Misfits their first loss in 2021 LEC Summer Split

Inspired's surprise Fiddlesticks helped Rogue secure this win.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Rogue shattered Misfits’ dreams of continuing their undefeated start to the 2021 LEC Summer Split today.

This League of Legends match was intense, swinging back and forth between the teams. But in the end, Rogue’s surprising Fiddlestick pick was the decisive factor that helped Rogue secure the win.

More than 88 percent of the votes for the game’s MVP went to Inspired after he brought his team back from the brink of defeat to secure this victory. His Fiddlesticks pick helped him end the game with a KDA of 8/2/9 after being dominant throughout the entire game. His flanks and follow-ups on his teammates’ engages were crucial in allowing Rogue hand Misfits their first loss of the summer.

The match began with Rogue picking up early leads all around the map. Their composition, which relied on engages from Nocturne with a Fiddlesticks follow-up, had a lot of early and mid-game success. But Misfits fought back after their top lane Gwen got a couple of kills. Hirit used the champion exceptionally well to dive Rogue’s backline and force them to back away from fights.

This tactic worked out wonderfully for Misfits, who secure the next four dragons to pick up the Infernal Dragon Soul. With the Baron and Dragon Soul under their belt, Misfits looked like the clear winners of this game. But a good flank by Inspired on Fiddlesticks sealed the deal. One ward and a good ultimate was the difference between a won and lost game for Rogue.

Misfits got out to a strong 3-0 start to the split, taking down Fnatic, SK Gaming, and Vitality during the first week of the season. They were the only team to come into the second week undefeated, but that was quickly stopped by the 2021 LEC Spring Split finalists. Both teams have looked much stronger so far this split, though.

Rogue (3-1) are tied with Misfits right now in first place following this victory. Tomorrow’s match will be a test, however, since they’ll face off against G2 Esports. You can tune in at 2pm CT to see if Rogue have what it takes to maintain their dominance and remain at the top of the 2021 LEC Summer Split standings.

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