Riot to adjust Goredrinker, Turbo Chemtank, and other items in League Patch 12.3

Fighters and front-liners will be seeing their item builds hit hard in League's upcoming patch.

The splash art for the original K/DA skins, including Kai'Sa, Evelynn, Akali, and Ahri.
Akali is more than ready to slash through her enemies with these buffs. Image via Riot Games

We’re only a few weeks into the 2022 ranked League of Legends season and Riot is already making countless adjustments to items across the board. In the upcoming League Patch 12.3, a dozen items are on the table to be adjusted from their current state. The League development team shared the intended changes on Twitter earlier today. 

League Patch 12.3 will include adjustments to the likes of Turbo Chemtank, Goredrinker, Black Cleaver, and many others. Attack Damage items are seeing the majority of changes in this patch, with Sterak’s Gage and Death’s Dance serving as headliners on Riot’s list of adjustments. 

League developer Phlox said on Twitter the balance team’s goal with these changes is “to shift light fighters toward lower-durability itemization,” and that these adjustments are purposefully “disruptive.”

Sterak’s Gage, for example, will no longer give flat Attack Damage, but will instead provide a 40 percent bonus to your champion’s current AD. Additionally, the item’s heal-over-time effect will be removed in Patch 12.3. Furthermore, Death’s Dance is receiving a mini-rework of sorts to reduce the amount of damage reduction it gives to a champion, as well as seeing its healing effects scale with bonus Attack Damage instead of Hit Points. 

“When a light fighter can act as a pseudo-frontliner AND kill you they can be kinda messed up,” Phlox tweeted. “They’re low-risk high-reward, able to kill you without risking death themselves.”

Goredrinker and Divine Sunderer are being adjusted to the degree that Phage is being replaced in both of their build paths with Caulfield’s Warhammer. Turbo Chemtank—an item that’s been under scrutiny ever since being applied to builds for assassin champions such as Akali in the current patch—will see the requirements for its Refuel passive increased, with bonus damage to minions and monsters being added to compensate. 

Beyond items, two champions—Nami and Ahri—will see adjustments made to their kits in League Patch 12.3 as well. The patch is slated to launch on Feb. 2, according to the game’s official patch schedule


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