Riot outlines changes coming with Ahri’s ‘refresh’ in League Patch 12.3

Ahri is receiving sweeping changes to both the visual and gameplay-focused aspects of her character.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is releasing a relatively major “refresh” to Ahri with League of Legends Patch 12.3. This update to Ahri was announced by Riot during the League team’s start-of-season developer update earlier this month.

The updates to Ahri will “lean into her mobile mage identity,” according to a Twitter post from August Browning, champion designer at Riot. All four of Ahri’s active abilities, plus her passive, are set to receive changes in Patch 12.3. 

The refresh will provide updates to Ahri’s ultimate, Spirit Fire, adding a reset mechanic to the ability that gives Ahri expanded mobility. Additionally, Ahri’s passive, Essence Theft, is being reworked completely. 

In Patch 12.3, Ahri’s passive will allow her to collect “Essence Fragments” from enemy minions and monsters. Upon collecting nine fragments, Ahri will heal 40 to 120 health plus 25 percent of her ability power. Ahri will also heal whenever she scores a takedown against an enemy champion. 

This updated version of Ahri’s passive ties into her reworked ultimate. Spirit Fire (R) will gain an extra charge and see its duration extended every time Ahri consumes an enemy champion’s essence through her passive. 

Beyond major updates to some of her abilities, the rest of Ahri’s kit is receiving general buffs and nerfs in Patch 12.3. Fox-Fire (W) is having its damage output increased and mana cost reduced. To counteract this, Ahri’s Orb of Deception (Q) will have its mana cost increased at later levels, while the damage amplification feature associated with Charm (E) will no longer be present in the game. The goal of these buffs and nerfs, according to Riot, is to “make [Ahri’s] spells feel better to cast in lane.”

In addition to this major gameplay update, Ahri will be receiving visual and sound updates to all of her skins when these changes go live. Ahri’s refresh is set to go live with League Patch 12.3, which will release on Feb. 2, according to the game’s official patch schedule