League dev team confirms Ahri will receive visual update later this year

The Nine-Tailed Fox is getting a whole new look in 2022.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has added another champion to the ever-expanding list of League of Legends characters set to receive a rework. This year, Ahri is on the table to receive a massive overhaul, Riot confirmed earlier today. 

In today’s extensive developer update to commemorate the beginning of the 2022 League ranked season, Riot confirmed that Ahri will be receiving a major visual update sometime this year. 

“This year, we’ll be focusing on Ahri, one of our older yet most popular champs in League,” said Riot’s Jonathan Belliss, product lead for personalization and events in League of Legends. “She doesn’t have back animations, and the animations that she does have just feel extremely dated, not only for her base skin, but for all epic skins that use the same foundation. You can expect to see a Caitlyn-level update for Ahri later this year.” 

Last year, Caitlyn received a sizable update to her in-game appearance, as well as her splash arts after going nearly 10 years without any touch-ups. Ahri, who has been in the game nearly as long as Caitlyn, will be receiving a similar update later this year, according to Riot. 

Ahri was first released to League in December 2011, and has received little attention in terms of gameplay updates and visual polishing since her launch over a decade ago. During that time frame, though, Ahri has received 14 skins, the third-most among all champions on the game’s roster. 

Riot has not given a specific timeline on the release of Ahri’s visual update, although players can expect it to hit live servers sometime this year, according to the developer. Another pre-existing champion slated for updates this season is Udyr, who was voted by League fans to receive an update last year. Riot is holding another fan vote this year between five more champions who have been considered candidates for visual renovations.