Riot releases Caitlyn champion theme song, teases new visual update with overhauled splash arts

She's on the case and in some new threads.

Image via Riot Games

As we inch closer and closer to the premiere of Riot Games’ upcoming animated series Arcane, developers released a quick sneak peek of a long-awaited update to Caitlyn, one of League of Legends‘ most beloved champions, in a video from today.

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, received a new champion theme. A short video featuring the song also showcases multiple new looks for Runeterra’s favorite sharpshooter, including many of her updated skins. We also got a glimpse at her new Arcane-themed cosmetic, which should be dropping soon in coordination with the show.

Caitlyn’s base skin hasn’t changed too much. Plenty of her identifiable characteristics are still featured, including her purple top hat and dress. She does have some details that shine through, however, like the new collar and new sleeves for the dress, combat pants with knee pads, and small changes to her rifle. Her outfit has her ready for a furious battle against a criminal, but it’s still elegant enough to wear to a fancy dinner.

As for the rest of the skins, here are all the splash arts featured in the video:

Most of her older skin splashes have gone through a major visual overhaul, including skins like Officer, Arctic Warfare, Resistance, Sheriff, and Safari Caitlyn. The art styles of these splashes were quite outdated and desperately required a revamp. They also did not match the style that Riot has adopted over the past few years, with other skins like Pool Party, Headhunter, Arcade, and Lunar Wraith Caitlyn being reasonably new and modern-looking.

The last skin shown in the video is Caitlyn’s newest skin from the Arcane collection, which is set to release in November. In the splash art, the intrepid investigator is wearing a leather jacket and carries a stripped-down, scopeless version of her trusty rifle.

Older players who were around when she originally dropped in 2011 could enjoy seeing Caitlyn with some new flair. As one of the more popular AD carries, Riot is showing this cop’s wardrobe can keep up with the shiny new releases of today’s new champions.

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