Riot teases new Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia and Vayne

Make sure that you have enough RP.

Image via Riot Games

The upcoming Spirit Blossom event has been the talk of the League of Legends community since its initial tease at the beginning of July.

In addition to two new champions, Yone and Lillia, a bunch of champions will be getting their own Spirit Blossom skins during the event. While fans knew there would be a Spirit Blossom Vayne skin, Riot previewed a new skin for Cassiopeia on League’s German Twitter account today.

Although Riot officially unveiled five Spirit Blossom skins for Vayne, Thresh, Yasuo, Teemo, and Lillia earlier this month, leaks suggested there would be additional champions joining the upcoming skin line. The splash art for Cassiopeia’s new skin originally appeared in a leak, alongside skins for Kindred, Riven, and Yone. Cassiopeia’s skin was later confirmed by Riot in an official video teaser for the Spirit Blossom event, where the Serpent’s Embrace appears as a statue, although the developer has yet to officially release the skin’s splash art.

Both skins are planned for a July 22 release, marking the start of the Spirit Blossom event. Lillia will also be available alongside the new skin line, but Riot can sometimes delay the champion releases by a day or two to ensure server stability after the release of a new patch.

A series of challenges will also go live with the event, and players will be able to complete these missions for event tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for icons, exclusive event items, emotes, and chromas.  

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