Riot unveils new Spirit Blossom skins for Yasuo, Thresh, Teemo, Vayne, and Lillia

Summer is ready to bloom on the Summoner's Rift.

Image via Riot Games

If League of Legends fans are looking for something to get excited for this summer, then look no further. Riot has unveiled a new cosmetic line called Spirit Blossom, which features skins for some of the most popular champions in the game.

Yasuo, Thresh, Teemo, and Vayne are all getting the Spirit Blossom treatment for this year’s summer festival, and all the skins look as beautiful as expected. Lillia—the newest champion to join League‘s roster—will also be getting a Spirit Blossom skin.

The color scheme varies depending on the skins—for Yasuo and Teemo, the skins are lighter, with a focus on pastel blues, pinks, whites, and aqua green accents. Their splash art also has a lush background with flower petals and plants of many kinds. Teemo is also getting the Prestige treatment this time around, with most of the color in his splash and skin getting bathed in a glorious gold color palette.

Vayne and Thresh, on the other hand, features mostly dark purple with green accents. This is also the first “human” Thresh skin that Riot has released in the champion’s history. Their splash art is also noticably darker than Yasuo and Teemo’s, and features ghosts or spirits of some kind in the background.

It isn’t known if this event will feature good and evil sides, but from the visible contrast between the four skins, players might get to choose sides for their in-game missions again.

Check out the splash art for the upcoming skins here:

Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Thresh

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Vayne

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Lillia

Image via Riot Games


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