Could Yone, Yasuo’s brother, be the next League champion?

Riot confirmed that there are three champions in the works for this year.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends started 2020 with the introduction of Sett, the first champion on a list of new characters that will join the game. Riot Games confirmed that there are three champions in the works for this year. One is being revealed on its own and two more will be released this summer during a special event.

Riot provided some clues about the new champions. The first clue said that one of the champions has already been seen in the official lore before. The official lore has featured dozens of characters from every region in Runeterra. But some fans seem to believe that one of the new champions is Yone, Yasuo’s brother.

The Unforgiven and The Windchaser

Yasuo’s biography introduced Yone to the Runeterra universe. Yone and Yasuo were half-brothers living in a small village. Yone, as the older brother, was the first to join the swordsmanship school. Inspired by his brother, Yasuo followed suit. A talented but arrogant Yasuo caught the attention of Elder Souma, the last master of the wind technique.

Yone gifted his brother a maple seed, a symbol of humility, and begged him to change his ways. Yasuo left his rebel nature behind and started to learn the wind technique.

When the Noxians invaded, the village tasked Yasuo with the protection of Elder Souma. In a moment of stubbornness, Yasuo abandoned his post. When he returned, he found himself being accused of the murder of Elder Souma. Yasuo ran away and the members of the village swore to chase him. One of his hunters was Yone, his own brother.

Yone and Yasuo met again, but it wasn’t a happy reunion. The brothers fought and Yone was no match for Yasuo, who cut Yone down almost immediately. Yasuo begged Yone for forgiveness, but the absolution never came.

Yasuo continued to run away and met characters like Taliyah along the way. Yasuo gifted Taliyah the same maple seed his brother gave him as a token of their partnership.

It was later revealed that Elder Souma was killed by Riven. Yasuo was found innocent of the crime, but he still felt guilty for the death of Elder Souma and Yone.

Is Yone truly dead?

In the lore, Yasuo believes that his brother is dead. Whether Yone is in fact dead is another topic altogether, however. This wouldn’t be the first time Riot brought a character back to life. Senna lived inside of Thresh’s lamp for years and now she’s alive and thriving on Summoner’s Rift.

The new champion hinted at by Riot is a “masked stranger who refuses to die.” A stubborn warrior who refuses to die even after being fatally wounded sounds just like Yone. 

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra offered the first image of Yone. In the card, Yone’s armor looks similar to the Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV skin. Yone also carries two swords.

If Yone is joining League, he’d be the 19th champion from the Ionia region. The last champion from this region to join the game was Kayn in 2017.

If not Yone, who could the next champion be?

Image via Riot Games

Not bringing Yone to the game could be a wasted opportunity. But in case it doesn’t happen, the Ionia region has another candidate to take the spot.

The Bow, and the Kunai,” written by Joey Yu, delves into Akali’s lore. The story features characters like Kennen, Shen, and Akali’s mother.

Even though Akali plays a big part in the story, it’s arguably more about Faey, a new character in the universe. In the story, Faey is a 12-year-old whose weapon of choice is a bow. By the end of the story, Faey loses a leg and the leaders of the clan come together to get her to walk again.

The fact that she’s a disabled character would add some unique representation to Runeterra and League. As an archer, Faey could perfectly fit in the bottom lane. One of the three champions hinted at by Riot is a jungler, but the other two don’t have a role assigned just yet.

Faey and Yone are both excellent options, but we won’t be getting more details about the upcoming League champs until later in the year.