League voice lines between Yone and Spirit Blossom Thresh discovered

Is Yasuo's older brother joining League's champion roster?

Image via Riot Games

Ever since League of Legends fans found out that Yasuo had an older brother named Yone, people speculated on whether he would ever join him on the Summoner’s Rift as a champion. A voice line for Spirit Blossom Thresh might have given players a clue to his fate as a playable character.

Found first by SkinSpotlights, Spirit Blossom Thresh has two voice lines that address Yone and Yasuo. The first voice line has Thresh tell Yone that his “little brother is safe with [him] too.”

The second voice line mentions Yone getting “overshadowed” by Yasuo, and even says, “How you could possibly rest in peace?” These lines both suggest that Yone has risen from the dead. His motives—whether to find justice against Yasuo or something else—are still unknown.

In the League lore, Yone is the older half-brother of Yasuo, the Unforgiven. The two brothers were close as children, and both became talented swordsmen. During a battle with Noxus, however, the elders of his village were slain, and Yasuo was the prime suspect. He was eventually forced to strike down Yone in self-defense.

Yone has already appeared in another Riot title, Legends of Runeterra, where he also has multiple voice lines with Yasuo. His form in the game is clearly before his death at Yasuo’s hands, however.

Riot Games has already confirmed that it will be releasing two new champions during the Spirit Blossom summer event, and Lillia has already been revealed today. Yone, on the other hand, could be up next for a release in the coming weeks, possibly even during the event itself.