Riot partners with Sanquin to give away Blood Moon Thresh for free and encourage blood donations

If you're Dutch, and you want to get a free skin for helping people, sign up.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is partnering with Sanquin, a blood donation organization based in the Netherlands, for the EU LCS Summer Split finals, according to Riot’s announcement today.

The two companies are kicking off a campaign, called #MyFirstBlood, to encourage League of Legends players and esports fans to donate blood. Sanquin, according to the announcement, is attempting to combat a “concerning decrease” in blood donor numbers. To help incentivize League fans to sign up for their first donation, Riot will be giving away Blood Moon Thresh for free.

In order to get your free skin, you’ll have to sign up for your first donation through Sanquin during the #MyFirstBlood campaign, which begins immediately and lasts until the end of December. This is the second cause that Riot has sponsored in a very short time frame, having just launched Dark Star Cho’Gath this summer to support regional charities around the world.

Dutch players will be able to see Sanquin’s sponsorship of the finals on their own regional broadcast, organized by Gamers First. The finals will begin on Sept. 9 at 10am CT, but the playoff quarterfinals start tomorrow at 11am. If you’re interested in donating blood and receiving your free Thresh skin, you can check out the official rules page to read the full details on how to get it.