Riot makes changes to junglers’ clear speed in early League preseason PBE build

The jungle changes just keep coming.

Image via Riot Games

The jungle position has been a hot-button topic for League of Legends this preseason, with changes coming in droves over the last few days. Earlier this week, after the launch of the revamped jungle, six jungle champions were buffed in a micropatch alongside changes that came to three of the game’s new items. 

Last night, League game designer Ezra ‘Phlox’ Lynn revealed another wave of changes coming to the League PBE. 

“Brought down early clearspeed by ~5-7% and bumped up lategame sustain a tad,” Phlox said in a tweet. “Also added some adjustments to leashing so there’s a decent bit more room to kite while clearing.”

These changes to jungle clear speed were detailed further by Surrender@20 moderator Spideraxe. He revealed that the health and mana restored by champions after defeating a large jungle monster will be increased in the later stages of the game. Additionally, the base damage dealt by the game’s new jungle pets will be reduced, although they will now deal 10 percent scaling damage based on your champion’s armor and magic resist. 

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These changes should make it tougher for champions to blast through the jungle in the early stages of a game thanks to the damage provided by their pet. As a trade-off, the new scaling damage granted by your pets, plus the extra resources gained after defeating a camp in the late game, should make clearing camps at high levels even more trivial. 

These changes to the jungle are scheduled to be released on live servers alongside Patch 12.23, the final scheduled League patch of 2022. Patch 12.23 will go live on Dec. 7, according to the game’s official patch schedule.

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