Riot launches True Damage collection in League’s merch store

Just in time for the gift-giving season.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games debuted its newest supergroup True Damage on the League of Legends Worlds stage yesterday. To celebrate the new group’s release and their hit single “GIANTS,” the developer added a new True Damage-themed collection to its merchandise store—just in time for the gift-giving season.

Leading the collection are new sets of figurines. True Damage Akali received her own full-sized figurine standing 5.5 inches tall for $25. Fans can also pick up a set of mini figurines featuring each of the supergroup’s members for $35. Both sets are now available for pre-order and are expected to ship by Feb. 29.

For those looking to represent the group in style, Riot has added two new T-shirts and a hoodie for sale. Both shirts sell for $30 each. One of the shirts features True Damage as a group while the other is Ekko with the True Damage logo spray-painted vertically. The “Tour” True Damage hoodie features the group on the back with True Damage’s name running down the sleeve for $65.

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Additionally, fans can pre-order True Damage Ekko’s bracelet and a “GIANTS” pendant. Both accessories sell for $65 and are expected to ship by Jan. 31.

Riot has also teamed up with streetwear company Mighty Club to launch a new True Damage hoodie. The hoodie comes in black with the True Damage name and R key on the front for $65. More items from the collaboration are set to release on Dec. 5.