Redditgifts is hosting a League of Legends Secret Santa event

Players can exchange gifts around the world with fellow Summoners.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends gift exchange is currently underway on Reddit, allowing players from around the world a chance to share their love of the game with complete strangers.

The event is being hosted by Redditgifts, a worldwide gift exchange program for Reddit users. The idea is to connect online strangers together through a shared love, sending physical gifts to one another.

Users sign up to a particular themed exchange, writing down their lists of likes and wants for their match in the future. Everyone then buys a gift and posts it to the person’s address while waiting for their own gift to arrive.

If you are struggling with ideas on what to buy, just remember that Riot have a merch store full of merch to buy from—or there is always Riot Points.

If you don’t fancy the League exchange, redditgifts is also hosting exchanges for communities such as Pokemon, Harry Potter, Disney, and even Funko Pop collectors at the same time.

If you do want to take part, be sure to signup for an account and join the League exchange before signups close on Oct. 4.