New LoL champ Briar features no base health regen, a Chilling Scream, and a near-global ultimate

Feel the frenzy.

Concept art of new LoL champion Briar's movement.
Image via Riot Games

Prepare the feast, summoners. Get ready to keep the bloodlust alive with Briar, League of Legends’ newest champion, who aims to feed off her enemies and chase them until death does them part.

The Restrained Hunger is headed to League as the next diving jungler to join the ranks of similar champs like Vi and Nocturne, as she jumps into the fray with no regard for anyone’s life. At first glance, Briar looks like a normal girl with white hair. But once her hunger for blood takes over, she becomes a ravenous monster, as seen in her ability kit revealed today by Riot Games.

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She is usually shackled to a massive spiked pillory, but when she finally finds some prey to her liking, Briar breaks free and launches herself into a new self-taunted Blood Frenzy state. This state causes her to attack the closest enemy to her and she cannot be controlled by her player unless it’s broken by one other ability she has at her disposal called a Chilling Scream.

Another interesting aspect of Briar’s kit is that she does not have any innate base health regeneration since she is always hungry for more blood. As a tradeoff for this effect, this fearsome jungler has a ton of lifesteal abilities through her stacking bleed passive, her Blood Frenzy, her Chilling Scream, or her ultimate ability, Certain Death, which is a near-global projectile that teleports Briar to the first enemy champion she hits, similar to Akali’s Shuriken Flip.

Briar is a champion who requires perfect knowledge and timing of her Blood Frenzy and Chilling Scream since a mistimed frenzy can force her to dive underneath a tower or into an enemy team, leading to her death. When properly used, Briar can rip right through an enemy squad with ease, especially after first isolating a squishy enemy with a perfectly placed ultimate.

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She can also pair really well with other dive-focused champions, like Shen or Nocturne, and could be a destructive force in a team composition that excels with chase downs and chaos. Look for your next target and get ready to chow down when Briar drops on League’s live servers with Patch 13.18, which is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, Sept. 13.


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