League players frustrated with changes to ranked borders

Players continue to feel that they aren't rewarded for their efforts.

Image via Riot Games

As part of the multitude of changes that accompanied League of Legends’ 2022 season, Riot Games announced that players would be able to showcase their achievements through new profile customization. One of these customization changes includes extensive overhauls to the ranked borders, which have been met with criticism from players.

One player, u/Clasher212421, discussed these ranked border changes on Reddit with fellow League players, acknowledging that these new looks feel disappointing compared to what they once were. For players who opt to participate in ranked games to display their knowledge of League, these borders acted as testaments to their skills yet do not demonstrate that same prominence this year, according to some people.

Clasher212421 noted that these changes feel much less rewarding for players, oftentimes even seeming difficult to discern the ranks from one another. The colors of the borders are similar to one another across multiple ranks, only having the jewels that accompany the borders in the loading screen to really make the differences clear.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The current borders, instead of being upgradable like previous seasons, no longer appear in upgradable versions on the player’s profile screen. Instead, the borders resemble wings, rather than the helmets that used to grow alongside players and their accomplishments. These winged emblems also do not appear to be influenced by the various regions of Runeterra, like the helmets used to be.

Many League players shared this user’s sentiments in the comments, acknowledging that these changes have taken away the excitement that they normally had to progress through the game’s various ranks. Other than the end-of-season rewards, many feel that the grind is no longer fulfilling now that they’re unable to adequately express their growth as players.

Riot has not acknowledged any further changes coming to ranked borders or any possibilities of reverting them back to what they once were. Other changes announced last year for profile customization, including equipping multiple icons at once and the new achievements feature, have also yet to hit the live servers.