League player whiffs Ashe arrow, secures accidental kill halfway across Summoner’s Rift

"Faster than my arrows? I think not."

Image via Riot Games

There are League of Legends players who calculate every skill shot perfectly—and then there are others who simply let them fly.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, one League player accidentally cast Ashe’s signature arrow across the entirety of Summoner’s Rift but still secured a surprise kill. Their misplaced cursor forced the ability to travel almost entirely backward. 

In some cases, if a player aims their cursor near the bottom right corner of their screen, they may occasionally hover their cursor over the mini-map. Should that happen, the skill shot will be cast in the direction of the cursor on the mini-map instead of where it is on the screen. 

Most of the time, the skill shot will fizzle out and never reach an intended target. But since Ashe’s ultimate will travel indefinitely—or, at least until it hits a target—it never fizzled out for the player in this clip. Instead, the arrow collided with an enemy player positioned across the full length of Summoner’s Rift. 

In the clip, the Ashe player attempted to land an Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) on one of the opposing bottom laners but accidentally placed their cursor on the mini-map, allowing the arrow to fire toward the top lane instead of at the two champions directly in front of the Ashe player. 

As a result of the missed arrow, the Ashe player was killed in a two-vs-two skirmish and their lane partner further lost priority in the bottom lane. But once Ashe’s arrow eventually reached the top lane, it collided head-on with the opposing Yorick player who had been involved in a one-vs-one fight with the Ashe player’s teammate. Although that one-vs-one battle had been ongoing, it was Ashe’s arrow that delivered the killing blow.

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