League player discovers bug that allows Viego to escape Mordekaiser’s ultimate

What happens when the two kings of League bugs go head-to-head?

Image via Riot Games

Mordekaiser and Viego are two of the most notoriously bugged champions in League of Legends. Earlier this year, Viego was banned from competitive play for several months while his laundry list of bugs was resolved. As it turns out, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out for the Ruined King. 

One particular League player discovered a game-breaking interaction between Mordekaiser and Viego that allows Viego to use his ultimate, Heartbreaker (R), to escape the perimeter of Mordekaiser’s Realm of Death (R). The Viego player posted a clip of the bizarre interaction to Reddit earlier today. 

In the clip, the Viego player and Mordekaiser player engaged each other in a one-vs-one fight in the Baron pit, prompting the Mordekaiser player to cast Realm of Death (R) on Viego. The Viego player realized that they were at a disadvantage and used every ability they could to escape the Mordekaiser’s reach. Luckily for them, a gap in the game’s code allowed them to use Heartbreaker (R) to narrowly escape the duel and flee over the wall of the Baron pit.

Normally, Mordekaiser’s ultimate is supposed to keep the targeted enemy player inside the Death Realm for seven seconds, or until one of the champions inside the realm kills the other one. In this particular case, the Viego player still saw all of the animations for the Death Realm but wasn’t able to engage the Mordekaiser player in a fight once they used their ultimate over the wall.  

It’s unclear whether the perimeter of the Baron pit had anything to do with Viego’s ultimate breaking through Mordekaiser’s Death Realm. Hypothetically, the lining up of Mordekaiser’s ultimate with actual terrain could be an issue for the two champions’ interaction. 

Riot Games has yet to comment on the status of the bug. Both Mordekaiser and Viego remain available to play in ranked game modes. 

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