League player encounters odd Mordekaiser bug that shows his spirit in the wrong location when in ultimate

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

What happens in the Realm of Death, stays in the Realm of Death.

One League of Legends player encountered an odd bug with Mordekaiser’s ultimate, posting a video of the peculiar occurrence today. The glitch showed the Iron Revenant’s spirit in the incorrect location, confusing the player and helping Morde get away.

After the Mordekaiser was caught by a Master Yi and Nunu, he quickly banished himself and the yeti to the Realm of Death. The Yi player, having used his ultimate for the fray, waited patiently next to Morde’s spirit, which should indicate the juggernaut’s location while in the netherrealm. But after the Morde successfully killed the Nunu and returned to the Rift, he was a considerable distance away from where his spirit was.

The puzzled Yi player was forced to move on without catching their prey.

The cause for this bug is unclear. After Morde used his ultimate, Nunu’s spirit interacts as expected and follows the champion’s model. Mordekaiser’s spirit, on the other hand, abruptly jumps from the original location and then sits there for the entirety of the ability.

Other players commented that they’ve seen this happen “plenty of times.” One fan even said they witnessed a Realm of Death where Morde’s spirit was “simply gone” and “couldn’t track him at all.”

This bug obviously poses a problem for Morde’s enemies, who can wait by his spirit and then find nothing when the ability finishes. If this issue continues to plague matchmaking, Riot will likely deploy a fix immediately.

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