League fan makes Pyke more suspicious with sound effects from Among Us

Pyke might just be the impostor.

Pyke is just one of the many champions in League of Legends that stealthily crosses the map, seeing out enemies from the shadows only to execute them in seconds. One fan took Pyke’s gameplay to the next level, seeing similarities with another game where sneaking up on your enemies reaps many rewards.

Instead of the Bloodharbor Ripper’s normal sound effects when using his abilities, this fan replaced each sound with one from the hit game Among Us. Each of these new sound effects are mixes of sounds from various features present in the popular multiplayer title, put together to work nicely with the slashing and dashing that Pyke is known to do.

Each of Pyke’s abilities takes a signature sound from Among Us and reconfigures it to work perfectly with his kit. Pyke’s Q uses the kill sound, while his W uses a combination of the sounds when being voted off on the Polus map, the sample inspection task sound, the venting noise, and the title screen music.

For his E, this fan gave Pyke the “round start” music when players find out what role they will be playing. His ultimate also uses a hefty combination of sounds, most noticeably the kill sound and the round end jingle, where players find out if the crewmates successfully completed all their tasks, or if the impostors made short work of their opposition.

These may not be the official in-game sound effects of Pyke, but this player masterfully pieced together recognizable sounds from Among Us that feel as if they belong as part of the Bloodharbor Ripper’s kit.