League dev outlines Riot’s ‘unique scaling fantasy’ around Aurelion Sol’s gameplay update

"The stars look very different today."

Image via Riot Games

In a recent developer video, Riot Games developer Rob “KingCobra” Rosa has given a quick update on the upcoming Aurelion Sol gameplay update in League of Legends.

Although there weren’t a lot of details provided, KingCobra said that the developers are looking to create a new direction for the Star Forger as a late-game mage. He will be “[expressing] his god-like powers through a unique scaling fantasy.”

This means that some of Aurelion Sol’s abilities will continuously grow in size as a game continues, and the visuals will also continue to evolve to reflect the newfound power that the player has with more items and levels. The goal is to let players feel like the true space god that Aurelion is in the League lore who has quickly ramped up with strength and wisdom.

If you’re excited for Aurelion Sol’s shiny new kit, however, you’ll need to wait a bit longer. KingCobra says Runeterra’s favorite space dragon and his new ability set is still in early development, which means that fans will probably need to wait for a while before Aurelion Sol’s upgraded form is revealed to the world.

In both solo queue and professional stages, Aurelion Sol has steadily fallen to the wayside as an afterthought in the champion pools of players around the world. For example, according to Games of Legends, he has been picked 30 times over the last three years in pro play, with a majority of those games taking place in minor regions and developmental leagues.

By giving him a real identity as a scaling god dragon, we might see Aurelion Sol take to the skies once more on Summoner’s Rift.