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LCK production team visualizes intense one-vs-one between Summit and Nuguri as a League fighting game

Wukong and Mordekaiser would be amazing characters in Riot's upcoming fighting game.

The LCK production team has always been one of the best in the world in terms of creativity. This week, it impressed League of Legends fans once again by successfully making a one-vs-one fight between Sandbox Gaming’s Summit and Damwon Gaming’s Nuguri look like a traditional fighting game.

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During Sandbox’s week one match against Damwon, Nuguri’s Wukong teleported into the top lane to engage in a fight with Summit’s Mordekaiser, who immediately pulled his opponent in with his Death’s Grasp ability.

This is where the LCK production team stepped in. As the two top laners began to clash, the camera lowered itself and two health bars appeared at the top of the screen like a fighting game. Each ability that the two players input was shown at the bottom of the screen as well.

This duel went down to the wire, with both champions’ health bars lowering down to one auto-attack each. In the end, however, Nuguri came out on top. Although the moment was intense during the game, this editing style made everything seem that much more exciting.

Korea has been at the top of its game on Summoner’s Rift and in the editing studio, especially when it comes to the LCK production team’s great season intro videos, hype videos, and game recaps.

If this moment wasn’t enough to satisfy your fighting game itch, you’ll have to wait a while until Riot releases more information about its own League-based fighting game, codenamed Project L.

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