KT secure fourth place in LCK with a dominant win over AFS

Aiming makes a good case for being one of the best LCK ADCs.

Photo via Riot Games

KT Rolster had a poor start to the League of Legends season this year. After fighting to get out of the LCK relegation zone, they’ve drastically improved over the past few weeks.

KT took down Afreeca Freecs today to extend their current winning streak record to seven games. Their individual performances looked solid and their macro game has improved drastically. The current online environment of the LCK might be having a positive impact on KT’s performances since it removes any on-stage jitters.

ADC Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram is one of the best offseason acquisitions. He’s constantly obtaining Player of the Game awards after his outstanding performance on an array of bot laners. He carried his team with Ezreal and Miss Fortune today. His positioning coupled with his awareness of the game makes him a top three ADC in the LCK currently.

KT’s team composition in the first game heavily relied on Aiming to snowball to have reliable damage and so they focused heavily on the bot side of the map. With Ezreal obtaining an early advantage and securing his core items of Muramana and Sheen, KT extended their lead by taking the first three Dragons and one Rift Herald.

KT controlled vision in the jungle of AFS and kept punishing them when they went to for buffs or farm, which allowed them to secure towers afterward. With constant pressure on all lanes, KT pushed in and ended the game.

AFS came back in the second game with their team playing much more coordinated and safer early on, stopping KT’s team from snowballing like in the first game.

In the third game, both teams played much better and trade safely objectives on other sides of the map. KT picked up the early drakes, which lead to an early Infernal Dragon Soul. But even with this advantage, AFS proved a tough opponent to deal with. Both teams were even in gold and kills for the most part of the game.

After dancing around the mid lane, KT engaged on AFS to punish them when they were out of position. AFS tried to shut down Aiming, but were unsuccessful and lost the game.

KT will be tested next weeks when they face the top three teams in the standings: GenG, T1, and DragonX. If they beat them, they’ll make a good case for being one of the best teams in LCK worthy of international competition. You can tune in next week starting with April 1 to see the LCK matches on the official Riot LCK broadcast.