Korea may be struggling at Worlds so far, but KT Rolster are doing just fine

KT are the LCK's best chance at defending the throne.

Photo via Riot Games

The big debate at Worlds this year is whether or not Korea will be able to hold on to their League of Legends throne after so many years on top. With another win going to the LPL’s Invictus, China now sits pretty with a flawless 6-0 record in the group stage, while Korea only has two wins with four losses.

That being said, the situation is starting to look dire for the representatives of the LCK on the third day of the group stage, which is nearly halfway through to the knockout stage. At a glance, it looks like China is running laps around Korea. That’s true if you’re strictly looking at the standings, but the LCK still has hope. And that hope’s name is KT Rolster.

Sure, Korea as a region only has two wins, but both of those wins belong to their resident super team, KT Rolster. It’s depressing to think about both other LCK teams, including last year’s world champions, starting the group stage at 0-2. Kt, as it stands right now, are the only team that look like they can stand on equal footing with the titans from the LPL.

So is the LCK in dire straits? Absolutely. But there can only be one winner of Worlds, which means the LCK only needs one team to hold onto its legacy. That one team could be KT Rolster, and they’re playing just a bit more confidently than all three teams from China. RNG, EDG, and Invictus all displayed shaky points throughout their six collective games so far. They all looked fairly oppressive at times, too, but there were some points that definitely weren’t as dominant as their record reflects.

KT Rolster, on the other hand, have looked incredible from start to finish. More impressively, their second game looked even better than the first. There haven’t been many games to pull evidence from, but it looks as though they’re still improving, and that’s a scary thought for any LPL team hoping to take them on in the playoffs.

It would certainly help the LCK’s case if the other teams in attendance picked up the slack, but KT Rolster is putting up just enough of a fight to make a strong case for the old guards of the World Championship. Korea’s next game takes place at 8am CT today between Gen.G and Cloud9.