KOI joins forces with Rogue, creates ‘strategic alliance’ to compete in LEC for 2023 season


Image via KOI

Esports organizations Rogue and KOI have entered a “strategic alliance” that will be kicking off next year, allowing KOI to finally join the LEC. For the 2023 Spring Split, Rogue will rebrand to KOI, but the current LEC management will be in charge of running the main League of Legends team.

“I couldn’t be more proud of KOI and what we’ve been able to achieve in such a short period of time,” KOI co-owner Ibai Llanos said. “This partnership with Rogue just accelerates our growth and broadens our opportunities to provide the most engaging and exciting experiences for our fans.”

In August, reports circulated around a possible merger between the two organizations and also mentioned that Rogue would keep its spot in the LEC while moving its European Regional League team from the Ultraliga to Spain’s LVP Superliga. But official details around roster moves are not known.

Even still, combining the reach of KOI’s branding along with Rogue’s ability to build and discover talent in League should be a match made in heaven for both organizations. Both teams have impressive fan bases and should become even stronger now that they’ll be working under the same banners.

“Having established Rogue as a world-leading talent factory with championship winning teams, we could not be more thrilled to be working with KOI,” ReKT Global vice-president Anna Baumann said. “With this alliance, we can up the game and serve our fans even more industry-leading entertaining content, all while continuing to build Ibai’s legacy in esports.”

While waiting for this new merger to take effect in 2023, fans can watch Rogue in action when their League team takes the stage at the 2022 World Championship on Friday, Oct. 7.