Gen.G stomp Griffin in LCK’s return

Clid's Jarvan IV should be perma-banned.

Photo via Riot Games

The LCK is back in action after being suspended for three weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rest of the Spring Split will be played remotely for the players’ safety and details on the playoffs and finals will be released later in the split.

Gen.G and Griffin crowned LCK’s return in a pretty one-sided series today, considering that Gen.G are in first place in the standings and Griffin are in last.

Top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee picked up the MVP award for the first game after an outstanding performance on Ornn against Griffin’s Sylas in the top lane. He managed to do more damage than any of Griffin’s players and ended up with three kills, no deaths, and six assists.

Jungler Clid picked up the MVP award on his signature Jarvan IV pick, with whom he has a 94-percent win rate. He went for a non-traditional item in Frozen Heart, which reduced the power of four players on Griffin who relied on attack speed. This adaptive thinking is one of the reasons why Clid is one of the best junglers in the LCK.

The first game started with a mirrored play by both teams in the top and bottom lanes. Gen.G’s Rascal and Clid dove Griffin’s Sylas in the top lane while their own bottom lane fought Griffin’s jungler and bot lane.

After this early aggressive play by both teams, the match went into a stalemate with both squads refusing to engage and playing defensively for the most part. Once Baron spawned, though, both teams started heavily prioritizing vision around it and a fight erupted at around 21 minutes. It was won by Gen.G, who went on to take the Baron as well.

With the Baron under their belt, Gen.G were able to extend their lead and push into Griffin’s base unharmed.

The second game was much closer early on. Gen.G were punished in the top and mid lane by Griffin’s solo laners with help of their jungler.

Gen.G bounced back and managed to get a 5,000 gold lead, even though they were even in kills with Griffin. The game had an anti-climatic end, though, after Gen.G engaged with a minion wave onto the Griffin squad and killed them all without losing a single player. After this, they were able to push into the base and take the Nexus uncontested.

Gen.G will face Damwon Gaming tomorrow, who are known as scrim gods and could show up and upset the leader in the standings. You can tune in on the LCK’s official English broadcast at 6am CT tomorrow to see if Gen.G can maintain their form.