G2 Perkz airs his complaints on the ADC role through song

Rihanna would be proud of this remix.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports’ Perkz is one of the best mid and bot laners in the West, but he may also have a budding talent for singing.

The pro League of Legends player used Rihanna’s “Stay” as a backdrop to air grievances on the AD carry position during his Twitch broadcast today. 

“Die and die again, I shall,” Perkz sang. “Because AD carry sucks so hard. Oh, Riot, please buff this role once again. Delete Senna. And buff all the shit champs from season one and two.”

After a one kill and five death start, Perkz began wishing he had queued for mid lane instead. But with G2 head coach GrabbZ confirming that Caps and Perkz are swapping back to their roles from 2019 for the 2020 Summer Split, the Croatian player has been practicing ADC in solo queue.

The pro commented earlier in his stream that ADC in 2020 is “not the greatest role” because the enemy mid laner can “one-shot” him in half a second.

But the underwhelming position appears to be on Riot’s radar. League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed some changes to bot lane items last week. Zeal, and the items that build off it, will have increased attack speed and AD carries will have their base health increased.

It’s unclear if this will be enough to balance out the position, but it’s a start.