G2 go 3-0 over Misfits with cohesive and merciless gameplay in 2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs

The young blood of the LEC didn't stand a chance.

Image via Michal Konkol

G2 Esports took down Misfits Gaming 3-0 in the 2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs today. The win led the most-crowned organization in European League of Legends to a second semifinal of the playoffs, which will take place against Fnatic next weekend.

So far in the postseason, Misfits haven’t really shown their true potential, which they displayed during the regular season. Vetheo and his teammates lost 1-3 in the opening game against Rogue. G2, on the other hand, came to the series well-prepared and hot after dismantling Team Vitality 3-0 this Friday.

In today’s game, several fans expected G2 to prevail, mostly thanks to experienced personas like Caps and Jankos providing pivotal insight and strategy to the team’s ranks. And when looking for pros on the Misfits’ side, some underlined the importance of Vetheo and Shlatan, who, when on top of their game, could lead their squad to victory. Unfortunately for them, it was G2 that showed their A-game in Sunday’s series.

All three games in the matchup were quite similar to each other. In the first game, G2 quickly sat behind the steering wheel, jumping ahead thanks to a few solo kills and stellar map control by Jankos and the team as a whole.

Misfits tried their best to pull off a comeback, and at one point of the game were pretty close to doing so by denying the soul point for their enemies and narrowing the difference in the gold. Nevertheless, G2’s gameplay was too coordinated, and after some readjustments, they took a lead in a series.

The second and the third games in today’s match were strongly one-sided in G2’s favor. The eight-time European champions were outplaying their opponents in macro and skirmishes from the first minutes of the games, despite Misfits’ drafts being respectable, and on paper, hard to overcome early. In the second match, Flakked shone the most out of G2’s players, especially thanks to some memorable showcases of skill.

After losing game two, Misfits tried to stand up to G2 by choosing some counter picks against Broken Blade’s Tryndamere, like Fiora for HiRit. And while this pick on its own worked just fine, the squad still lacked the elements to overcome G2 on the rest of the map, which quickly led to Dylan Falco’s players sweeping the series 3-0.

Jankos’ admirable display of skill in this series was essential to G2. Even though he didn’t produce any outstanding numbers or plays, he was in the right place and in the right moment for the whole series, allowing his teammates to blossom. This was particularly visible in game three, where his Hecarim created space for caPs and Flakked to clear the table. For such impressive gameplay, the Polish jungler was named an MVP of the series.

Jankos isn’t the only G2 representative that can celebrate individual achievements today, though. In the same series, caPs earned his 2,000th assist in the LEC and 1,500th kill, becoming the 11th and third player to do so, respectively.

G2 now have a week of additional practice before they face a rematch against Fnatic in the final weekend of the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs next Saturday. The winner of this series will advance to play Rogue in the grand final for a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational 2022. For Misfits, however, it’s the end of Spring and the players can recharge until Summer Split begins.

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