FunPlus Phoenix’s losing streak continues, Victory Five remain undefeated in LPL Summer Split 2022

Summer has not been kind to FunPlus Phoenix.

Photo via Riot Games

Victory Five kept their LPL Summer Split record perfect with a dominant victory over FunPlus Phoenix, whose losing streak has extended to four matches in the split.

Heading into this series, with the teams trending opposite ways, a close series could have been a much-needed moral victory for FPX. But it was not meant to be, as V5 continued to prove why they’re one of the best teams in the LPL.

In the first game, V5 top laner Rich constantly matched FPX top laner Xiaolaohu in the early game, resulting in an even game until Rich dominated the late-game team fights on Sejuani. He led the team to a 30-minute victory while his 4/2/8 scoreline earned him MVP for the game.

V5 jungler Karsa starred in the 27-minute victory in game two. Karsa dominated on Viego in the early game as he put a stop to any early game plans that FPX jungler Clid had. Karsa’s final scoreline of 6/1/8 proved to be enough to spread his early-game lead all over the map en route to a quick victory and series against the last-place LPL team.

For FPX, their loss to V5 means they are already halfway to their eight losses in the LPL Spring Split. FPX’s schedule does not get easier either; they close out their week against Spring Split finalists TOP Esports on Saturday, June 25.

As for V5, they have continued their undefeated streak and now sit at 3-0. Furthermore, V5 has won in dominant fashion once again, as their win against FPX extends their streak of 2-0 wins in the Summer Split. They will have an opportunity to improve to 4-0 against Mid-Season Invitational champions Royal Never Give Up on June 25.