Fnatic’s Bwipo explains how roster change and personal struggles resulted in turmoil at Worlds 2021

The attacks on the jungler's personal life impacted his focus immensely.

Top laner Bwipo looks towards the camera and his coach.
Bwipo has been a prominent name in professional League for over eight years. Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games via Getty Images

Fnatic had nothing short of a tumultuous ride through the League of Legends 2021 World Championship. After Upset had to unexpectedly drop out from the competition due to personal circumstances, the team lost their footing trying to balance this new roster with little preparation, and have been eliminated from the event.

Bwipo, Fnatic’s starting jungler, explained on Twitter that losing Upset at Worlds and little preparation with Bean took a toll on the entirety of the team. Yet outside of this change, Bwipo had also been dealing with personal issues regarding his relationship and unsolicited attacks he and his partner had endured, which further acted as obstacles stopping him from showcasing his true potential at Worlds.

“Lena is my significant other. She’s been supporting me unconditionally for 3 years. Recently, I hurt her. A month ago. I hurt her badly. It was my fault,” Bwipo said. “Then, I had a job to do in Iceland. She was still hurt, and I worried about her. As one should. She has supported me unconditionally for years.”

Bwipo explained that despite the issues in his relationship, his significant other continued supporting him and his venture from success in the LEC Summer Playoffs to Worlds. Yet when he and the team were told with very little notice that Upset would be taking a personal leave from the team right before they started their Worlds journey, Bwipo felt that all of the support and energy he received from his significant other was for naught. But she continued to give him hope when he needed it most.

“I wanted to go home. To see her, to appreciate her, to thank her. I was set on it. I didn’t see why I should suffer through this event. It was hopeless,” Bwipo said. “She convinced me to stay. Even though she wanted me to be with her to talk to me. About us. She set that aside, again.”

The Fnatic jungler also explained that unfollowing the organization on Twitter was out of sheer frustration with his circumstances. Much of this anger stemmed from the hatred that had been directed towards his significant other on social media, which prompted her to take a break from these platforms and adding more stress to his time at Worlds.

The post concluded with Bwipo also announcing that he will be leaving “indefinitely” from social media as a result of the harassment that he and his significant other have been receiving. The top laner-turned-jungler is still contracted to Fnatic, though his contract is set to expire in the middle of November.

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