EDward Gaming climb up the LPL standings after reverse sweeping LGD

Once a fearsome competitor on the international scene, now struggling in the LPL.

Photo via Riot Games

After being destroyed in the first game by LGD Gaming today, EDward Gaming came back to win the second and third games to secure the reverse sweep in China’s LPL Spring Split.

EDG’s ADC Wang “Hope” Jie was the decisive factor in both wins for EDG’s comeback. He displayed an immaculate Kai’Sa performance with 18 kills, one death, and 11 assists across both wins.

The emerging star was a substitute for EDG’s main roster in 2018 but didn’t get much playing time due to iBoy starting over him. In 2019, he was fielded on EDG’s academy roster, where he played up until the day iBoy left EDG for good.

While EDG were known to Western fans for their impressive international performances in the past, they’ve fallen hard in recent years. They’re no longer the Chinese beast that Western teams were afraid to face. Emerging teams like eStar and FunPlus Phoenix seem to be much better than this veteran organization that’s failing to find a reliable playstyle that would make it once again a contender for local and international championships.

As for LGD, they’re sitting at the bottom of the standings. Since their ADC Imp left for Korea, they’ve been unable to replicate their success. They acquired well-known jungler Peanut from Gen.G but he seems unable to find any synergy with his teammates.

EDG have two easy matchups later this week, which should help them improve their record and obtain a shot at a top-four spot in the LPL standings. Tune in to the official LPL broadcast to see them fight against Dominus Esports and Bilibili Gaming later this week.