DWG KIA sweep Gen.G in week 9 of 2021 LCK Summer Split

The 2020 world champions are looking stronger with every series.

DWG KIA took down Gen.G in a quick 2-0 series in week 9 of the 2021 LCK Summer Split today.

The MVP votes went to the DK mid and jungle duo, Canyon and ShowMaker, who popped off in today’s League of Legends series on three unique picks in their victories. The jungler picked up his vote after a strong performance in the first match of the series on Lee Sin. He secured early leads across the map for his team and provided strong engages with his ultimate in teamfights.

The star mid laner picked up his MVP vote after an amazing LeBlanc performance in the second match, stomping his opponent who was playing Azir. ShowMaker roamed around the map and picked up kills left and right throughout the entire game, and his performance played a key role in DWG KIA’s victory.

The first game of the series opened up with Canyon picking up early kills across the map for DK. His ganks were especially crucial in snowballing Khan in the top lane, playing Jayce against Wukong. With a lot of jungle attention, he would become a huge threat for Gen.G to deal with in later teamfights.

As the game progressed, DK was up in kills and gold, but the team fell behind in neutral objectives after Gen.G funneled their resources into picking up all dragons. With a Mountain Dragon Soul buff, Gen.G was close to surviving the onslaught from their opponents, but in the end, fell gracefully after going all out.

In the second match, DK built up a gold lead from the get-go. This time, however, Gen.G played more carefully and tried not to fall too far behind. They funneled resources into picking up dragons while DK was busy farming up creeps and securing vision around the map. Unlike in the previous game, Gen.G seemed more in control of the match after picking up the Mountain Dragon Soul, even with a gold deficit. It wasn’t enough to give them a win, though, and DK took Gen.G down with their superior performance in teamfights.

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DK (11-6) has one match left next week against Liiv SANDBOX before they head into the 2021 LCK Summer Split playoffs. While this matchup would’ve favored DK in the early weeks of the split, Liiv SANDBOX stepped up their performance lately and are looking like a serious LCK champion contender. Tune in on Saturday, Aug. 14, to see who will win this hyped-up matchup.