Crownshot reveals that he will not be on an LEC or LCS roster next season

The 22-year old AD carry explained his situation earlier today.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

After two years, SK Gaming’s former AD carry Crownshot has announced that he wasn’t able to find a new organization during this free agency period, and won’t be competing in the LEC or LCS for the upcoming 2021 Spring Split.

The 22-year old marksman revealed the news this past evening, after multiple teams unveiled their rosters for the upcoming year. SK was one of those teams, having replaced Crownshot with former Misfits Premier ADC Jezu.

These past few seasons haven’t been too successful for Crownshot and SK Gaming, with the team hovering around as a mid-tier team in the LEC. They couldn’t seem to break into the true contender conversation, since they constantly finished the regular season as a fringe playoff team that would be quickly eliminated in the first round of the postseason.

Even though his team wasn’t too impressive, Crownshot remained as one of the more consistent members of SK’s roster. According to Oracle’s Elixir, he had the fourth-most kills in his role and some great early laning stats this past Summer Split.

Multiple members of the European League of Legends scene agree that Crownie has proven himself as an LEC talent, including EU caster Andy “Vedius” Day. It is unusual to see that one of the LEC’s better bottom lane talents wasn’t able to find himself a spot on a starting lineup, but maybe he’ll be able to show off his skills in one of the European Regional Leagues.

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