SK Gaming introduces full lineup for 2021 LEC season

The new lineup features a strong majority of largely unproven talent.

Photo via Riot Games

SK Gaming unveiled its full, five-player starting roster today ahead of the 2021 LEC season.

The League of Legends lineup features four new pickups for the organization. Only Jenax will be reprising his role in the top lane from the 2020 season. 

Beyond him, the team also picked up former 1907 Fenerbahçe mid laner Blue, while adding former LDLC OL jungler Tynx into the mix.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the roster comes in the bottom lane, where SK picked up former Misfits Premier breakout star Jezu to replace Crownshot at the AD carry position. Alongside him, the team slotted in TSM’s former substitute support Treatz, who will be making a return to the European scene after spending the last two years in North America. 

For many of the unproven stars on this SK roster, 2021 will serve as a first opportunity to perform on the LEC stage. Three of the five players on this roster have never played on the stage of a major region before.

With that in mind, the biggest question for SK moving into 2021 is whether these new pickups can take the unbound success that they’ve found in various amateur or minor scenes and translate it into success in Europe’s most prestigious league. 

The roster is still pending Riot’s approval at this stage but is expected to be approved ahead of next season. 

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