Crisp returns as a starter for FunPlus Phoenix in their match against Oh My God

The support player was hospitalized two weeks ago due to sudden cervical pain.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix will once again be reunited with their support in the 2021 LPL Summer Split after he was hospitalized two weeks ago.

Crisp will take JingYi’s place as the starting support for today’s match against Oh My God after the LDL player subbed in to replace the world champion support. FPX had a strong performance with their substitute player, scoring three series wins while Crisp was absent. They’re currently in second place in the LPL standings, and every win can help them secure first place going into playoffs.

FPX had a strong start of the split but was forced to undergo some roster changes after middling showings from some of their star players. Nuguri was benched in favor of an LDL rookie after FPX lost two games in a row against Bilibili Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Following the setback, Nuguri came back much stronger and looks on par with other star top laners in the LPL.

The only team slated to put a stop to FPX’s dominance is EDward Gaming, currently sitting in first place and yet to face the 2019 world champions. Their clash will happen during the last week of the LPL, so if both teams remain battling for first place, it could be the decider of who gets better seeding into playoffs.

OMG and FPX will face off today, July 21, at 8am CT. Tune in to see if FPX can maintain their winning spree and move towards the playoffs with confidence.

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