Astralis completes LEC roster by adding mid laner Dajor

The German mid laner is the latest addition to Astralis' LEC roster.

Image via Astralis

Astralis has signed former Fnatic Rising mid laner Dajor as the final part of its LEC team, the organization announced today.

The German player is the last piece of Astralis’ squad for the upcoming League of Legends season. He’ll join WhiteKnight, Zanzarah, and promisq, who are staying with Astralis after this past year. Kobbe, who most recently played for Misfits, will fill in the AD carry role for the team in 2022.

Dajor wasn’t in the ERL scene for a long time. He made his debut as Fnatic Rising’s mid laner in July. But he impressed many viewers and experts by being a major part of the team’s successful run at the last European Masters event, where they went all the way to the finals. There, Dajor’s squad lost against Karmine Corp, claiming second place.

Astralis has been keeping an eye on Dajor for some time now. The team revealed during its offseason documentary that the German player “was brought in to tryouts as a candidate with massive potential.” “After consistent, solid performances in scrims with the rest of the Astralis LEC team, the coaching staff extended the tryout period to get a closer look,” Astralis said.

Astralis’ head coach, AoD, thinks Dajor’s potential is enormous and believes he can become one of the best European players in the future. “Dajor is a very talented player that also buys into our way of doing things inside and outside the game,” AoD said. “We are very excited to see him grow into the star we know he can be.”

Dajor feels that having a chance to prove himself in the LEC is a dream come true. “Overall, I’m really excited to play in the LEC and focus on my main goal of constantly improving,” Dajor said.

Astralis will be back in action when the LEC returns on Jan. 14.

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