5 more League High Noon skins revealed for Viktor, Samira, Sion, Twitch, and Tahm Kench

One of League's most popular skin lines is adding even more champions to its lineup.

Image via Riot Games

Just weeks after unveiling five new skins for League of Legends’ High Noon skin line, Riot Games is adding five more skins to the series. Upcoming High Noon skins for Samira, Sion, Viktor, Twitch, and Tahm Kench have been revealed by Riot and should be expected to hit live League’s servers sometime in the coming weeks.

As per usual, today’s batch of newly announced High Noon skins embody the Old West, with each champion taking on the appearance of a cowboy, outlaw, or other old-timey scoundrels. The skins are designed in typical fashion for League’s High Noon skin line. Sion, Samira, and Tahm Kench’s skins feature a burnt auburn color scheme, while Viktor and Twitch’s skins are portrayed with a cooler, subdued, light blue color palette. 

The appearances of the five latest champions joining the skin line are heavily influenced by the attire of the old American West, with Viktor donning a cowboy hat and duster in his splash art and Tahm Kench wearing an old-fashioned gambler’s three-piece suit, for example.  

Five other High Noon skins for Leona, Varus, Mordekaiser, Talon, and Katarina were teased by Riot last month. Additionally, it was discovered that High Noon Leona’s voice lines made references to the then-unannounced skins for Sion, Samira, Viktor, Tahm Kench, and Twitch.

The five new additions to the High Noon skin line have not been given a release date by Riot as of yet. The first five High Noon skins are set to go live on May 12, one day after the launch of League Patch 12.9. With that in mind, it is possible that this next batch of High Noon skins will go live following the launch of Patch 12.10 on May 25. 

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