How to get all badges in Stray

They can be difficult to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

In Stray, players will get an assortment of badges to display on the harness that B12 gives them. But getting all of the badges isn’t so straightforward and players will have to do some exploring to find them all.

Badges are given out during the course of the story, so to get those, you’ll just need to play through the story to get the ones that will progress your game. Others will need to be found and will have some puzzles to solve to get them.

Here are all of the non-story badges to find in Stray.

Badge for music sheets

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

The music sheet badge goes along with the music sheet achievement in Stray, where players need to gather all eight of them to get the Meowlody achievement. Once you have all eight music sheets, Morusque will give you a badge with a music note on it.

Badge for finding all of the plants in Antvillage

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

Once you get to Antvillage, you’ll be tasked with finding three different colored plants around the area. The colors you are looking for are red, purple, and yellow. Each plant can be found around the outside of the village and it won’t take long to get this badge.

Once you have all three colored plants, head back to Malo and she will give you the plant badge.

Police badge in Midtown

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

If you love to naturally explore, you might come across this one on your own. But if you don’t, it’s not too hard to find. In Midtown, there is an alley that has the signature symbol on a wall. Start at the bottom toward the opening of the alley and jump your way up the sides of the buildings until you reach a window.

Once you jump through the window, you’ll see a robot corpse lying on the ground in what looks like a jail cell. On him will be the police badge. Just pick it up and you can cross that badge off of your list.

Cat badge in Midtown

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

The cat badge takes a little bit of brain power if you want to figure out this puzzle. When you first get to Midtown, there is a patron robot complaining about a shop robot, who looks like there might be a little something wrong with his software. Jump past him and go into the back of the store. If you examine the words on the shelf behind him, it will read 2458 edoc.

This is backward and if spelled forward would read code 8542. There is a safe on top of some shelves in the very back corner of the store. Jump up to it and enter the code in the right order and it will unlock a cat badge.

Badge for finding Neko worker’s keys


When you get into the Neko factory in Midtown, which is only accessible at one point in the story, you will come across a robot who has dropped his keys. He tells you that if you find them, he’ll give you something in exchange.

Watch out for the drones here, but once you open the door in the room where the worker is in, head over to the left side of the room and you’ll find some barrels on water. Jump across the barrels and onto the pile of trash and you’ll find the Neko worker’s keys. Return them to him and he’ll give you a badge to complete your collection.