How to turn on a Blue Light Filter on Xbox Series X

Use the new filter to help ease the blue light coming from your display.

Image via Microsoft

The October Xbox Update adds several new features perfect for gamers who enjoy their console in the evenings or before bed. A new 4k dashboard for the Xbox Series X consoles improves the overall experience, while the new night mode and blue light filter can help you ease into bed and avoid blue light from keeping you up.

The new night mode allows players to adjust the brightness of their connected display and the brightness of the LED lights on their controller and console. These two lights are notoriously bright, and lowering them can improve your gaming or movie experience. 

The update also introduces a customizable blue light filter for Xbox Series X/S consoles, allowing players to limit the amount of blue light from their display. Some users are sensitive to light, and lowering the amount of blue light from a display can make a significant difference. 

Accessing and adjusting the blue light filter on the Xbox Series X/S is easy. Just open the Settings menu, select the Accessibility option and open the night mode or settings section. Here you can find the TV & display options and adjust the blue light filter for your console. A sliding bar allows you to fine-tune your blue light filter and find the perfect setup for your system.

Don’t worry about having to set up the blue light filter every night. The update also introduces a night mode schedule that turns on your night mode settings at a specific time, helping you transition into the evening.