Can you play FIFA 2022 on the Steam Deck?

Pack luck not included.

Fifa 22 on Steam Deck
Image via EA

The first round of Steam Decks have been released, and its leaving plenty of current and future owners wondering if they can play FIFA 2022 on the handheld gaming device. FIFA as a franchise, has been home to millions of players for at least the past decade, and continues to grow its player base even to this day.

Image via EA

According to the game’s homepage on the Steam Application, FIFA 2022 is rated playable, but not verified. The difference between the two in some cases can be quite large, but in FIFA’s case there is little to worry about. A title that is playable functions as expected in game, with some minor hiccups. A title that is verified functions exactly as it does on the Steam Deck as it does on other platforms, with no hiccups for users on the handheld device.

In FIFA 2022’s case, the reasoning behind this sub optimal rating is due to its launcher requiring “the touchscreen or virtual keyboard” to navigate and / or “difficult to read text” alongside an issue with quitting the game, which requires players exit the title through steam itself as apposed to using the in game menus.

Aside from those issues, there has been no reported cause for concern with FIFA 2022 on the Steam Deck, and all users should be able to play the game perfectly fine on their handheld device. In fact, the Steam Deck is well designed for FIFA to boot: the device features two joysticks and all of the trigger and button inputs that the controllers FIFA was originally designed for, have, and will suit FIFA far better than any traditional mouse and keyboard setup ever would.