How to fix the ‘multiplayer not loading’ error in Halo Infinite

But I just loaded into the game?

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta just kicked off today and countless Halo fans are already flooding into the game’s servers to try out the latest addition to the franchise.

Considering the excitement surrounding this early launch, it’s only natural that you may run into connection problems that can prevent players from joining multiplayer matches in Halo Infinite. While developers spend hours bug-fixing the final version of their games before allowing players in, new problems can always arise during launch periods.

If more players than expected try playing the game, the servers may start cracking under pressure, causing players to experience lag or even errors like “multiplayer not loading.” The multiplayer game mode is the bread and butter for most Halo players and not having access to it can be enough to ruin a gaming session.

The “multiplayer not loading” error in Halo Infinite prevents players from enjoying the game since it makes it impossible to join a multiplayer match. Though it’s most likely a server-related issue that the devs need to roll out a fix for, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try out in the meantime. These methods will only work if the game’s servers are running fine, which means there might be something off with your home network.

Here’s how you can fix the “multiplayer not loading” error in Halo Infinite.

Check Halo Infinite’s server status

You should check whether Halo Infinite’s servers are running fine before trying any troubleshooting methods. If the servers are down, not a single fix you try will be able to get you back into the game since you’ll need to wait for the devs to roll out a fix.

The support section on Halo Waypoint’s website has a dedicated Known Issues section. If there’s a widespread error that’s affecting the majority of the player base, it’ll be listed there.

Alternatively, the Halo Support Twitter page also keeps players updated with such news and lets them know of any server-related issue that may be preventing players from enjoying Halo Infinite.

Restart your router

If the servers are up, you’ll need to troubleshoot your home network. When you turn on your router, you’ll get assigned a connection route between you and your internet service provider (ISP.) This connection route can start cracking under pressure during prime hours and restarting your router will allow you to start from scratch and get assigned a new route.

This will do the same for your connection to Halo Infinite’s servers. While you’re resetting your router, you should also restart your gaming device since software-related bugs can cause such errors too.

Change your DNS address

A DNS address going bad can negatively impact your connection quality. Considering the “multiplayer not loading” error is a connectivity-related problem, your DNS can also have something to do with it.

Most players use the default DNS addresses that get assigned by their ISP and hardly ever need to change them. Like game servers, DNS servers can go down from time to time. And if that’s the case, you may be receiving the “multiplayer not loading” error due to a DNS issue.

Change your DNS servers with a more commercially available one, like Google’s, and launch Halo Infinite to see if it fixes the “multiplayer not loading” error.

Try out a different connection

Restarting your router and changing your DNS are two of the most effort-free ways to troubleshoot your home network. In some cases, doing the two alone may not be enough, however, forcing players to try out an entirely different connection to troubleshoot their home network.

Trying out a different connection is easy nowadays, though, since you’ll just need to turn on the hotspot feature on your mobile phone and connect to it with your gaming device. If you don’t receive the “multiplayer not loading” error with your cellular data, then you should contact your ISP.

Your ISP will be able to run a thorough diagnostic on your network and they may even be able to fix the error by doing something on their end. They can also provide you with additional troubleshooting methods depending on your situation that may help you fix this error.

Wait it out

Though almost no one enjoys hearing this, if nothing you do seems to fix the “multiplayer not loading” error, then you’ll have no option but to wait for a fix to roll out.

In the meantime, you can keep up with other players on community hubs like Reddit or social media and keep each other up to date regarding the error.

If you’re looking to become one of the first players to get back into the game when the servers come back, you can also keep trying to log into the game on the side and continue to try your luck.