How to fix Halo Infinite crashing on startup

Didn't I just press on play?

Image via Xbox

Starting up a game is one of the simplest tasks that any gamer can perform, but it may turn into a struggle during launch periods.

While most game-breaking errors during launch periods come in the form of errors, there can also be sudden crashes that prevent players from launching the game. Halo Infinite fans have been going through somewhat of a similar situation since the game has been crashing on startup for some players.

Considering there isn’t an error code that can help pinpoint the source of the error, Halo Infinite crashing can leave players wondering what may have gone wrong during the launch.

Not much is known regarding this error, but players can try a few textbook fixes that can help them launch Halo Infinite.

Check for the integrity of your game files

More often than not, these types of errors are caused by corrupted game files. Checking the integrity of your game files will scan everything Halo Infinite-related. If there happens to be a corrupted file inside your game files, the scan will be replaced with a replacement, and you should be able to launch Halo Infinite once the verification scan is complete.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

It may sound harsh, but reinstalling the game is one of the best ways of making sure that all of your game files are in top shape. A lot can happen during a download process, a wild pause or an internet hiccup can cause your launcher to skip a file or download it as corrupted.

If checking the integrity of your game files wasn’t able to fix the crashing issue for you, reinstalling Halo Infinite will be your second best bet.

Keep your graphics card drivers updated

It doesn’t take a corrupted file to crash games all the time. If your GPU is bugging out due to an internal error, it may be time to update your drivers. This usually happens during new releases, and downloading a newer driver will allow you to optimize your GPU for the latest game releases.

Both AMD and Nvidia GPUs come with software that can perform auto-updates, but you’ll need to manually search their website for your graphics card model if you don’t have those installed.