How to earn all the Medals in Halo Infinite

Everybody likes medals.

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The veterans of the Halo franchise have been waiting for the latest installment of the franchise, and it’s finally here. Not only is Halo Infinite a nostalgic experience for the veterans, but it also aims to introduce new players to the series.

Players will need to get used to the new features in the game and Halo Infinite will also bring competitive Halo back to life. While a decent portion of the player base will focus on ranking up and becoming a part of the competitive environment of the game, there will be players who’ll just play the game for nothing but fun.

Halo Infinite has both of those grounds covered since the game features a thorough progression system. From completing challenges to collecting medals, there’s a lot to do in Halo Infinite. If you’ve been wondering what type of medals you can collect in Infinite and what you need to do to add them into your collection, the following list will guide you through all the medals.

Double KillKill two enemies in quick succession
Triple KillKill two enemies in quick succession
OverkillKill four enemies in quick succession
KilltacularKill five enemies in quick succession
KilltrocityKill six enemies in quick succession
KillamanjaroKill seven enemies in quick succession
KilltastropheKill eight enemies in quick succession
KillpocalypseKill nine enemies in quick succession
KillionaireKill 10 enemies in quick succession
Killing SpreeKill five enemies without dying
Killing FrenzyKill 10 enemies without dying
Running RiotKill 15 enemies without dying
RampageKill 20 enemies without dying
NightmareKill 25 enemies without dying
BoogeymanKill 30 enemies without dying
Grim ReaperKill 35 enemies without dying
DemonKill 40 enemies without dying
BodyguardSave five allies by killing the enemy who was dealing damage to them
BomberKill five enemies with a launcher
BoxerKill five enemies with a melee weapon
BreacherKill five enemies with an SMD
DriverKill five enemies with a ground vehicle
GrenadierKill five enemies with a grenade
GunslingerKill five enemies with a pistol
GunnerKill five enemies with a mounted turret
HeavyKill five enemies with a detached turret
MarksmanKill five enemies with a tactical rifle
PilotKill five enemies with an aircraft
RiflemanKill five enemies with an assault rifle
SaboteurDestroy five enemy a vehicle
ScattergunnerKill five enemies with a shotgun
SharpshooterKill five enemies with a sniper rifle
SpotterMark five enemies which will need to get killed after you mark them
TankerKill five enemies with a siege vehicle
WarriorKill five enemies with a melee weapon
WheelmanEarn five driver assists
WingmanEarn 10 kill assists
All That JuiceSecure two Power Seeds in quick succession
Always RotatingCapture all zones without dying
Clock StopStop the enemy from scoring their final points by capturing a zone in Strongholds
Flag JoustKill an enemy flag carrier while holding a flag yourself
Flawless VictoryWin every round of a game with two or more rounds
FumbleKill the enemy Oddball carrier within moments of their victory
Goal Line StandReturn a flag near the enemy flag stand
Stopped ShortKill an enemy flag carrier who is about to score
Straight BallingCarry the Oddball for a minute
360Kill an enemy by shooting them immediately after spinning around
Achilles SpineKill an Over-shielded enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee weapon
Autopilot EngagedKill the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a Power sniper rifle
Back SmackKill an enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee weapon
BallistaKill an enemy with a Skewer from far away
Bank ShotKill an enemy with a ricochet
Boom BlockBlock an incoming projectile by deploying a Drop Wall
BulltrueSave yourself or an ally by interrupting an enemy’s Energy Sword lunge
Chain ReactionKill an enemy with a shock chain
Cluster LuckKill two or more enemies with a grenade
Combat EvolvedCatch a power weapon that was fired off of a Weapon Pad with a Plasma Grenade
Deadly CatchGrapple a weapon or object to you and immediately kill an enemy by using it
Death RaceSplatter two or more enemies with a single boost in a Ghost
DogfightDestroy an enemy aircraft while you’re controlling an aircraft yourself
DrivebyEarn a Double Kill as a passenger on a vehicle
FastballKill an enemy with the impact from a thrown grenade
Fire & ForgetKill an enemy with an M41 SPNKr from far away
Flyin’ HighPerform a massive jump in a fully-loaded vehicle
From the GraveKill an enemy after you die
Grand SlamKill two or more enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing
Grapple-JackGrapple and hijack an enemy vehicle
Guardian AngelSave an ally’s life from far a distance
Hail MaryKill an enemy with a grenade from a distance
HarpoonGrapple a distant enemy
Hold ThisKill an enemy immediately after dropping a weapon using your remaining gun
InterlinkedKill four enemies with a single chain
KilljoyEnd an enemy’s killing spree
KongKill an enemy by throwing a Fusion Coil
Last ShotKill an enemy with your magazine’s last round
Lawn MowerDestroy an enemy vehicle with the wheels of a Brute Chopper
Mind the GapKill an enemy by sending them to their death with the Repulsor
Mount UpAssemble a fully-loaded vehicle of two or more allies after honking
Mounted & LoadedEarn a Double Kill with a stationary turret
Nade ShotHeadshot an enemy immediately after damaging them with a grenade
NinjaKill an enemy by leaping over them and hitting them from behind with a melee weapon
No ScopeKill an enemy with a Power sniper rifle without zooming
Odin’s RavenDetect two or more enemies with a single Threat Sensor
Off the RackKill an enemy with a weapon immediately upon retrieving it from its spawn location
PancakeKill an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor
PerfectKill an enemy with a precision weapon and peak efficiency
PerfectionWin a game with 15 or more kills and zero deaths
Pineapple ExpressKill an enemy with a grenade as a passenger on a vehicle
PullKill an enemy with a sniper rifle after they get launched by a Man Cannon
Quick DrawKill an enemy with a pistol immediately after switching to it
QuigleyKill two or more enemies with a single S7 Sniper round
Ramming SpeedDestroy an enemy vehicle by hitting it with your own
ReclaimerHijack an enemy vehicle that you used before
Remote DetonationKill an enemy by shooting a grenade
Return To SenderKill an enemy by deflecting their projectile
ReversalKill an enemy who damaged you first
RideshareDeliver the objective carrier to the objective after driving a long distance
Shot CallerHeadshot an enemy moments after Marking them
SkyjackHijack an enemy aircraft
Sneak KingKill a camouflaged enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee weapon
SnipeHeadshot an enemy with a Power sniper rifle
Special DeliveryKill an enemy with a Man Cannon- or Grav Lift-boosted grenade
SplatterKill an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle
SteaktacularWin a game by dominating the enemy team
StickKill an enemy by sticking them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade
WhiplashKill a grappling enemy
Windshield WiperKill an enemy while they’re attempting to hijack a vehicle
Yard SaleKill an enemy who had a Power weapon and a full inventory


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