How does the Shock Chain work in Halo Infinite?

A shocking situation.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite surprised its fans with a slightly early release, and with the game’s multiplayer game mode going live ahead of schedule, Halo fans worldwide flooded into the servers to try out the newest addition to the franchise.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or just happy to finally dip your toes into the Halo franchise for the first time, there are new mechanics for everyone to explore. Shock Chain is one of these new features, and it may sound more confusing than how it actually works.

A Shock Chain happens when you hit multiple enemies with a shock weapon or a shock grenade. The Shock Rifle and Dynamo Grenades are two of the weapons that you can start Shock Chains with. Any shock-based weapon will allow you to create a Shock Chain upon hitting multiple enemies.

Your enemies will need to be close to each other, though, since the shock effect spreads in a range. Using Shock weapons can be slightly more complex compared to regular ones, so if you’re trying to secure a few kills with Shock Chain, you can follow alternative routes.

Considering you’ll need to finish off enemies with the Shock Chain effect, you can equip regular weapons and switch over to your Shock Weapons to land the killing blow. If you’re playing with a friend, you can also ask for their help, and they can do some of the work while you try finishing off enemies with Shock Chain.

Halo Infinite’s full release is still scheduled for Dec. 8, and it’ll be available on Xbox and PC. If you’re looking to jump in and try multiplayer mode right away, you’ll need to purchase the game on your gaming platform of choice, and it’ll become available for download.