How many players will there be in Halo Infinite multiplayer?

Big Team Battle is bigger than ever.

Image via Microsoft

Halo Infinite will officially be released in the holiday season of 2021 and the multiplayer portion of the game will be entirely free-to-play.

So, how many players will there be in total in multiplayer? Well, that will differ depending on what game mode you’re playing.

In Big Team Battle, a staple of the Halo franchise, Infinite will allow up to 24 players to play in one lobby, 12 on each team. For your regular slayer modes, games will likely be four-vs-four or similar numbers, and the competitive modes will absolutely be four-vs-four. With movement mechanics like clamber and sprint returning from Halo 5, it’s easy to see a decent skill gap in competitive play between those who can master movement mechanics and those who can’t.

But Big Team Battle is what has players excited about the Halo Infinite experience. With all-new gadgets like the Grappleshot, Threat Sensor, and Repulsor, there will be tons of new mechanics for players to use in creative ways.

After all, creativity is what defines the Halo franchise. It was a pioneer in terms of letting players have lots of creative options in custom games and the Forge that launched with Halo 3 allowed players to create their own maps. Even in competitive modes, the best players are the ones who think on their feet and use all the mechanics given to them to make small advantages.

Still, the Big Team Battle playlist promises to be the biggest it’s ever been in Halo Infinite. The fun is in the chaos, with vehicles and power weapons distributed like candy on Halloween. In this, it seems that Infinite can more than deliver at least.