Halo Infinite’s next free event, Cyber Showdown, arrives on Jan. 18

Campers will now be called cyber punks.

Image via 343 Industries

Another free-to-participate event is arriving in Halo Infinite. Cyber Showdown is slated to start on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

A teaser clip shared to the Halo Twitter today only showed off a few cosmetics, including a holographic neon mohawk and visor that each appear to be helmet attachments, as well as a cyber-themed spawn animation. The teaser also shows a player getting incinerated by a Sentinel Beam on the Streets map, but it’s unclear if that weapon or map will be featured in the event challenges.

Like previous events, such as the holiday event Winter Contingency and the multi-week Tenrai: Fracture, Cyber Showdown will likely have a small, free path of rewards featuring cosmetics and XP consumables. Completing event challenges will gift players experience to advance through the different tiers.

Halo Infinite’s track record with free-to-play events got off to a rough start during the first week of Fracture: Tenrai. Players expressed their frustration over the small number of cosmetic rewards and the weekly cap on progression. But the team at 343 drastically improved the progression system and potential rewards in time for the event’s second week to start at the beginning of January.

The Cyber Showdown event officially begins on Jan. 18. No official end date has been released yet.