Halo Infinite campaign players are reporting a game-breaking bug that erases save files

Keep your eyes open for this glitch.

Image via 343 Industries

Watch out, Spartans. There’s a game-breaking glitch in Halo Infinite that has corrupted game files, causing players to lose all progress in the single-player campaign and even affecting the multiplayer aspect of the game as well, according to multiple reports on Halo Waypoint and other game forums.

Players claimed that while playing the campaign, the game suddenly closed on them without any notice. When loading back in, the game reportedly gave them a third-person view of Master Chief as he spawned stuck in the ground. If the player tried to move or jump up, they’d immediately die.

As they returned to the menu to restart, players quickly realized that pressing the “continue” or “load game” prompts started the countdown timer but did nothing else. They also discovered that all of their progress in the game was gone and that they had to start from the beginning again.

The big issue that deletes your progress might have been discovered, though. One user named 99humanity said that at a certain point during the bug, they were forced to log back in through Xbox. This, however, will cause you to log into Xbox twice, which corrupts your save and deletes all your progress in the campaign.

This double login can happen for a number of reasons, according to the user, including plugging in a second controller, disconnecting and reconnecting a controller, or switching from a wired controller to a Bluetooth controller. If the game randomly crashes and you’re prompted to sign back in, you might want to close the window to prevent any chances of a game-breaking bug from happening.

343 Industries and Halo have yet to respond to these reports, but a fix will need to be released soon so people can keep enjoying the open world of Zeta Halo.